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  • The pure beauty you dream of.I'll find it in nature.

  • In order to fulfill a woman's dream of becoming pretty every day,
    LUNA Cosmetics is trying to become a company that always thinks and studies.

    • Since we started our business in 2015, we have grown into a design company. We are achieving customer satisfaction through creative ideas and responses to NEEDS by using minimalism (MONOPIX) and simple design principles. Everyone thinks of a design that is easy to use and consumer-centric. Now, to impress our customers, our entire staff is challenging with original, fresh ideas and passion. Monopix will continue to offer the best design in the future.

    • In addition, Monopix's design is designed to be the most convenient and most efficient for both managers and consumers. Rather than a complex, user-friendly design, we're designing a more simple, aesthetic, and essential feature that's easier to use. The design of the Monopix we're looking for is to think of minimalism as the design motif and try to design that can make it happen.

    • the skin care closest to nature

      As air pollution such as fine dust and/or yellow dust accelerates, harmful substances in the urban environment make our skin more sensitive.
      We have studied and developed necessary materials in nature that are the most natural and eco-friendly to the skin.

      The Most Beaytiful Life

    • Be one with pure nature.

      To make your skin feel most comfortable, like soft, moist dew like flowers blooming in nature, various attempts and research are being made to make low-pole natural cosmetics using pure natural extracts.

      Pure Nature For You